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Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better? 

Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better? 

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In your search for home cooling tricks, you may have come to ponder the major differences between window units and central air conditioning. Of course, we know both types of cooling units work to provide cool air within a space. But what exactly are the pros and cons of each? Luckily, that’s exactly what Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling is discussing today!  


Pros: Window units can be advantageous options depending on your cooling need. First and foremost is the price. Due to their much smaller scale, their upfront costs are considerably smaller than going with a central air conditioning system. Furthermore, if you are only looking to cool one room, this may prove to be the best option for you, as window units are only meant to cool one room at a time. Thirdly, the installation of window units is an easy process. If you consider yourself handy, you could likely handle installing it yourself.  

Cons: On the other hand, there are a few downsides to choosing to use a window unit – such as humidity. Unfortunately, window units are not well suited for keeping humidity out of a room. Another con is that window units are only able to cool one area. So, while it can be considered a benefit, it can also be considered a disadvantage. Next, when you plan to use multiple window units to cool more than one room, keep in mind that using five or more window units may cost equal to or more than the monthly maintenance costs of using central air to cool the entire home. So, while upfront costs may seem like a better deal, you may pay more to utilize multiple window units monthly. Last of all, from a security standpoint, window units are risky as they leave a hole in the wall or window in which they are installed if they were to be removed.  


Pros: Not only does a central air conditioner have the ability to cool your entire home, but it also functions by way of automation – which means you won’t have to constantly turn your cooling system off. Because everything is set by means of the thermostat, it makes for an easy automation process, where your cooling system will kick off and on as necessary to maintain the set temperature in your home. In addition, temperatures and humidity are well-regulated with the use of central air.  

Cons: Although it likely doesn’t need to be said as it’s probably clear, central air conditioning systems are pretty cost extensive. Though we consider a central air conditioner a worthy investment, we acknowledge that it can cause homeowners to dig deep into their pockets to make that initial investment. In addition, if your home does not already contain ducts and vent work, you will have to plan accordingly to have this done before a new central air conditioner can be installed. This means you will need to make room in the budget for ductwork and vents to be put in. On the bright side, doing this will most definitely increase the resale value of your home.   

And there you have all the pros and cons of using window units vs. central air conditioning! Hopefully, these points will help you discern what may be the most optimal choice for you, your home, and your family. Should you have any more questions or any HVAC concerns, we are here to help! Call Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling today at (937) 412-2911, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here