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Dependable Thermostat Installation & Replacement in Clayton, OH and Englewood, OH

Did you know a simple, low-priced, thermostat upgrade can save you money and pay for itself? If you haven’t upgraded your thermostat in recent years, doing so now would be a wise investment that will easily pay for itself in no time. In addition to saving on energy costs, our smart thermostats can help you monitor your home’s air quality and automate things you’d normally have to do yourself.

All of this and more is possible because thermostat technology has improved tremendously in recent years. The smart thermostats, wi-fi thermostats and programmable thermostats we have available today are eco-friendly, automated and remotely accessible from any smart device.

They’re smart home friendly, tech-savvy and easy to install. They lower your energy costs and help you monitor and control your home’s ventilation, air purity and relative humidity, to name a few. If any of this interests you, give us a call today!

Dependable Thermostat Installation in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection enables a great deal more than just temperature automation. There is a long list of benefits for having one of these affordable and smart home devices installed in your home.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Home

Your smart thermostat is like a window into your home. You can check the companion app while you’re away from home to see if the heat’s running (and at what temperature). Got a second home? A smart thermostat is a great way to confirm the place is running smoothly while you’re away as well.

2. Eliminate Human eEror

Smart thermostats learn the schedule and preferences of the people in the home, making it easier to be energy efficient by allowing the thermostat to handle the adjustments to the home’s temperature as you come and go. If you’ve ever left the AC or heater running all day while you were out, you’ll appreciate the way a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat can detect that you’ve gone and turn the heat off.

3. Save Energy

One of the biggest perks of having a smart thermostat is the money savings on home heating and cooling bills. It does this by nudging you towards energy-saving settings in a host of ways. Depending on your current habits and preferences, letting the smart thermostat manage your home’s climate automatically saves you money. The Nest Learning Thermostat encourages energy-saving options by awarding “Leaf” badges and offering easy tips in the monthly energy reports for even bigger energy savings.

4. Set Vacation Mode

If you’re heading away for an extended period of time, smart thermostats make it easy to set the temperature while you’re away without messing up your existing settings.

5. Get Emailed Alerts

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and ecobee EB-STAT-02 support email alerts a homeowner in the event of temperature falling or rising outside of the predetermined setting range. If your thermostat is disconnected from its network, or if there’s a power outage, you can be notified of that, too.

6. Program it with Ease

Thanks to their modern designs, user-friendly screens and highly-rated companion apps, our top rated smart thermostats are all easy to use. If you’ve had a hard time with programmable thermostats in the past, you’ll love this new generation of well-designed thermostats.

7. Evaluate Your Energy Usage

Nest and ecobee track your energy usage and show it to you in an easy-to-read monthly report. If you want to know how much your heat ran last month, a report can let you know. It can also tell you how much energy you used compared to other users, and reward you for using energy-efficient settings.

8. Adjust the Temperature Remotely

Whether you’re coming home early from work, still in bed and wanting it a bit warmer or heading home from the airport — if you’ve got your mobile device handy, you’ve got control of your thermostat!

Dependable Indoor Air Quality Services in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Studies say the air we breathe in modern dwellings can be up to five times as toxic and polluted than the air outdoors, where nature has a way of taking care of it through a host of processes the average person isn’t aware of. When you consider how tightly insulated most homes and workplaces are intentionally made in order to keep treated air inside, it becomes clear why HVAC experts and health officials recommend for homeowners to consider certain indoor air quality products to work with their heat pump, central air conditioner or heat pump.

All too often household air pollution can’t get out because modern dwellings are sealed airtight. In the confined spaces of a modern home or work environment, indoor pollutants can get trapped without proper filtration or the circulation of outdoor air. Even with the HVAC system’s air filter, often these pollutants are merely recirculated. Sometimes, getting a humidifier, dehumidifier or air purifier makes a world of difference, in addition to UV Lights and other air filtration products.

If air pollution is present indoors, short-term health implications can surface after a single exposure, or multiple times being exposed; it can irritate the nose, the eyes, the throat, and the skin. Or, it can cause fatigue, headaches, and dizziness.

In the worst possible situations, officials say, long-term exposure to certain kinds of indoor air pollution can cause heart disease, respiratory illness and even cancer. Because of things like this, testing is important.

With it being such a serious concern, we at Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling advise homeowners to take certain measures to safeguard their health and the health of their loved ones against indoor air pollution. We also recommend keeping humidity in optimal range and regularly having preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment.

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When it comes to anything related to a furnace or an air conditioner, or any sort of HVAC system, one call does it all when you reach out to Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling. Our home heating and cooling heroes have the prices you want, the HVAC services you need and the comfort you deserve. We offer heating when you need it and cooling when you want it — with services available around the clock.

We go to great lengths to help homeowners in the Miami Valley. We understand the importance of finding and hiring an HVAC company that’s reputable, that does the job right, does it fast and does it at friendly and affordable prices.

Because this decision affects your home finances on top of your comfort and health, it’s important to find an HVAC company that understands your needs and one that will walk you through the often troubled waters surrounding problems with home comfort equipment, a company that’s qualified, honest, reputable and fully insured. It’s also important to make sure you’re doing business with a professional that’s NATE-certified, and has a proven track-record of customer care and customer satisfaction.

At Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling, our service is second to none. Over the years, our customers have consistently given us positive feedback in support of our superior Five Star reputation. We are members of the Five Star Family. Because of this, we encourage new customers to verify our positive reviews and ratings for themselves. This should be done before hiring anyone to work on your valuable HVAC equipment.

We guarantee customer satisfaction above all else across the board. We have 24-hour emergency HVAC services 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. We service, install and repair all the major brands of HVAC equipment (heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners) utilizing cutting-edge technology. If you have us to come out to your residence to work on your HVAC system or install a new home heating or cooling system, you are treated with the utmost professionalism, care and friendliness by an employee of ours who’s state-certified and who we have vetted, drug tested, and screened above and beyond the state’s requirements. The reason we screen our employees like this is because we want to make sure we are sending you the absolute best the local HVAC industry has to offer.

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