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Dependable HVAC Services in Tipp City, OH

The home comfort team here at Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling proudly serves residents of Tipp City, OH by offering a wide range of superior HVAC products and services at low price rates. No matter how big or small the job, we guarantee customer satisfaction above all else, putting your comfort first.

We offer around-the-clock local emergency AC repair services 365 days a year including holidays, AC installation, and AC replacement. During the wintertime, we also offer emergency furnace repair (available day and night), heat pump repair, and furnace replacement and installation. We service all types of home heating and cooling systems in the Tipp City, OH area.

For homeowners in Tipp City, OH looking to get the most out of their HVAC systems and save money on heating and cooling costs, we also offer AC maintenance, heat pump maintenance and furnace maintenance.

Dependable HVAC Experts in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Getting to Know Tipp City, OH

Located in Miami County, Tipp City has a population of more than 10,100 people. Tipp City was originally known as Tippecanoe, and then Tippecanoe City, the town was renamed Tipp City in 1938 because there was another town with the same name in Ohio. It was founded in 1840, 10 miles north of Dayton along the Miami and Erie Canal, which was still developing. Its name comes from Presidential candidate William Henry Harrison’s nickname, which was Tippecanoe. He is said to have earned that nickname as a result of his heroism at the Battle of Tippecanoe, November 7, 1811.

The early city was a popular stopping-off point for the boatmen on the canal. The original downtown included a large number of bars and a red light district. The now dry canal locks can be seen just East of downtown. As Tippecanoe City grew, it merged with Hyattsville. City officials say Cowlesville and Ginghamsburg are other villages in Monroe Township that may be likewise annexed in the future. Today, Tipp City serves as a “bedroom community” or “commuter town” north of Dayton. The cultural focus is said to be largely based on community gatherings.

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Dependable HVAC Experts in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Why Choose Clayton-Englewood for HVAC Services in Tipp City, OH?

Every day of the week, our trucks stay fully stocked, outfitted with all sorts of cutting-edge, high quality, HVAC equipment, innovative tools and a wide assortment of common parts used in heating in cooling systems. This includes a wide range of air filters — HEPA filters, furnace filters, A/C filters — and other parts. We stay up-to-date with the latest HVAC technology, including smart thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats, and programmable thermostats, which cost less than you’d expect and yet pay for themselves quickly with the added convenience and energy savings. We also repair and replace AC compressors, A/C fans and motors, in addition to recharging AC refrigerant levels when necessary.

And, if you’re looking to improve your residential Indoor Air Quality, we also offer a whole line of products that include dehumidifiers for the summer and humidifiers for the winter, air purifiers, UV lights, and media air filters.

In any case, if you’re wondering “Why is my AC not working?” or “Why is my furnace not working?” or any other question related to anything HVAC, we have the answers and we would be happy to send one of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians out to your home to get your system back to running like new.

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