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Freshaire UV Light

Dependable UV Light Installation & Replacement in Clayton, OH and Englewood, OH

To offer homeowners comprehensive strategies to improve Indoor Air Quality, we at Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling have a host of options available at friendly prices. For those looking to sterilize indoor air and kill unwanted microscopic contaminants like mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria — our UV Light selection has proven to be highly effective and affordable.

Residential UV lights neutralize airborne contaminants that have made their way into a home’s ductwork. These contaminants accumulate if left unchecked and are hard on the HVAC system, forcing it to have to work harder. Homeowners who decide to install UV lights in their HVAC system find these products are highly effective in improving airflow. Additionally, on top of improving airflow, maintenance costs go down while the system’s efficiency goes up. Ultra Violet Lights also cut down on allergens, reduce illness and eliminate odors. Call today to have one of our UV Light Systems installed in your home! 

Dependable UV Light System Installation in Clayton-Englewood, OH

What Are UV Lights?

Ultra Violet Lights are installed inside HVAC systems. Originally only used for laboratories and hospitals, we now offer a residential line of UV Lights for protection in the struggle against hazardous organic airborne particles. For people who are vulnerable to allergens and other organic particles, UV lamps are very great because they kill these organisms as they pass through the light. They kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Ductwork UV Lights or Air Germicidal HVAC lights are designed to kill airborne allergens and pollutants making their way through your HVAC return vents. The lights themselves are hard wired into the unit. They coordinate with your blower motor, which means they turn on and off with it so as not to waste energy. We also offer Blue Tube UV Light Installation at competitive price rates and they make great add ons whenever you go to upgrade HVAC equipment or have a home heating or cooling repair made.

Freshaire UV Light

Dependable UV Light System Installation in Clayton-Englewood, OH

The Blue Tube UV Light System

World’s Most Popular HVAC UV Light

When it comes to residential HVAC systems, Blue-Tube UV is the single most popular germicidal UV light product available on the market. With it in place, homeowners can breathe easy knowing that the air their family breathes is safe, clean and protected with this time-tested, award-winning technology that’s highly innovative and very affordable and long lasting. Blue-Tube UV is the safest, simplest and most effective way to keep your air system clean and improve indoor air quality.

Award-Winning Design

Blue-Tube UV features a variety of innovations from Fresh-Aire UV. The original low-voltage UV light kit now features a magnetic mounting bracket with a 110-277 VAC high-voltage power supply option. Homeowners can select from one or two year lamps.

How The Blue-Tube UV Works

Blue-Tube UV goes inside the central air system where it continuously kills mold and other biological contaminants floating in the air as well as on the HVAC system’s interior surfaces. The cooling coil is a prime example, and an area that benefits great from this light. For more than a century scientists have understood that certain frequencies of light have a profoundly devastating effect on microbial life. Today, we fully understand that exposure to ultraviolet light in the range of 254 NM (UV-C band) disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. This disruption prevents them from reproducing, thereby effectively killing them.

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