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The home comfort team here at Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling proudly serves residents of Fairborn, OH by offering a wide range of superior HVAC products and services at low price rates. No matter how big or small the job, we guarantee customer satisfaction above all else, putting your comfort first.

We offer around-the-clock local emergency AC repair services 365 days a year including holidays, AC installation, and AC replacement. During the wintertime, we also offer emergency furnace repair (available day and night), heat pump repair, and furnace replacement and installation. We service all types of home heating and cooling systems in the Fairborn, OH area.

For homeowners in Fairborn, OH looking to get the most out of their HVAC systems and save money on heating and cooling costs, we also offer AC maintenance, heat pump maintenance and furnace maintenance.

Dependable HVAC Experts in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Getting to Know Fairborn, OH

Famous for its role in aviation, the City of Fairborn is located east of Dayton in Greene County, near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Fairborn has a population around 34,000 people.The city has the unique distinction of being the only city in the world with that name, which is a combination of the names Fairfield and Osborn, which were towns that merged in 1950 to make the one city.

Fairborn is extremely rich with history, industry, military, education, art and culture. Prior to European settlement, the area’s rich history goes back to Native American tribes like the Shawnee Indians. Before that the Adena and Hopewell Indians called the area home.
The part of the city that was Fairfield had been settled by European Americans before Ohio became a state, with the first log cabin being built by George Greiner in 1799. Pioneers who were migrating westward and northward from Virginia and Kentucky thought the area near ideal for settlement because of its proximity to the Mad River.

The part of the city that was Osborn was originally settled in 1850 near what is now the Haddix Road/State Route 235 intersection, near the northern edge of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The city is also home to Huffman Prairie Flying Field, which is now part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. This 84-acre patch of rough pasture is considered the birthplace of aviation. The site is where the Wright Brothers made countless flights in the early 20th century, developed the first practical airplane, and trained hundreds of pilots. Every August, Fairborn hosts its annual Sweet Corn Festival. Every September, it hosts the U.S. Air Force marathon. Fairborn also has an annual 4th of July Parade.

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Dependable HVAC Experts in Clayton-Englewood, OH

Why Choose Clayton-Englewood for HVAC Services in Fairborn, OH?

Every day of the week, our trucks stay fully stocked, outfitted with all sorts of cutting-edge, high quality, HVAC equipment, innovative tools and a wide assortment of common parts used in heating in cooling systems. This includes a wide range of air filters — HEPA filters, furnace filters, A/C filters — and other parts. We stay up-to-date with the latest HVAC technology, including smart thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats, and programmable thermostats, which cost less than you’d expect and yet pay for themselves quickly with the added convenience and energy savings. We also repair and replace AC compressors, A/C fans and motors, in addition to recharging AC refrigerant levels when necessary.

And, if you’re looking to improve your residential Indoor Air Quality, we also offer a whole line of products that include dehumidifiers for the summer and humidifiers for the winter, air purifiers, UV lights, and media air filters.

In any case, if you’re wondering “Why is my AC not working?” or “Why is my furnace not working?” or any other question related to anything HVAC, we have the answers and we would be happy to send one of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians out to your home to get your system back to running like new.

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