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How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

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Summer means fun, friends, family, and vacations! You probably have some fun things planned for the summer. Perhaps an adventurous trip with some friends or a relaxing vacation with your family is in the works. Whatever your plans may be, there are various things you need to account for in your absence away from your home. These include pet sitting, plant watering, house sitting, and other things that may need to be tended to while away. Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling wants to make sure your AC system doesn’t get lost in the chaos of planning for your summer vacation. It’s easy to let your air conditioning unit slip your mind. But you can do a few things to prepare your system for the summer and your time away from home.

Does Seasonal Maintenance Matter Before Leaving For Vacation?

If you haven’t already had your tune-up and safety check performed this season, it would be in your AC unit’s best interest to have it done before your summer vacation. The hottest months of the summer are coming up, which means that this is the timeframe in which your air conditioner will work its hardest. Seasonal tune-ups and safety checks are a great way of practicing preventive maintenance and ensuring everything is running smoothly as it should be. Not to mention that when you have a maintenance check performed by us, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians confirm everything is running up to par with current safety standards. Having your AC serviced before you leave will give you peace of mind knowing that your cooling system is running at its highest capacity.

Should You Clean Your Outdoor Unit Before Leaving For Vacation?

You can help raise your air conditioner’s efficiency by cleaning it before setting off for your trip. Your condenser is located outside. Because it’s common for it to get layered with dirt, dust, and pollen, you can clean the unit off by hosing it down. In addition, the condenser’s vicinity needs to be kept clear at all times. This means that there should be no obstructions surrounding your unit. Outdoor items should be kept several feet away from the condenser, and outdoor vegetations like leaves, branches, and weeds need to be cleared out of the area. This is because you do not want anything blowing into the condenser’s fan blades or having any items falling onto the unit due to strong winds or a storm while you are away.

Will Using a Surge Protector Help When Leaving For Vacation?

Using a surge protector helps minimize the risk of harm to your HVAC system. Power outages or surges can happen while you are gone, especially during this time of the year. You never know if a crazy thunderstorm or nasty weather will pass through. Although you can’t control what happens when you are away from your home, it is always a good idea to have a surge protector in place to lessen the risks. Thinking ahead is crucial to prevent unpleasant situations like this.

What Temperature Should You Leave the Thermostat on Before Leaving For Vacation?

Last of all, it’s essential to know what settings to you leave your thermostat on before heading out. Despite popular belief that HVAC systems should be turned off completely when no one is home, our NATE-certified technicians recommend that homeowners do the opposite. Leaving your system turned off for an extended period may result in adverse reactions like warped wood trim, peeling paint, dead house plants, and poor indoor air quality upon your return. So instead of turning your heating and cooling system off, consider raising your thermostat’s temperature to a higher level than you usually use. A good temperature range to leave your thermostat on is anywhere from 80-85 degrees. This range results in reduced energy consumption while still allowing you to see the benefit of energy savings on your following utility bill. 

Imagine leaving for a much-needed vacation, relaxing, enjoying yourself, and returning home to an overheated house due to a malfunctioning AC unit. Of course, this doesn’t sound pleasant, and it would be absolutely frustrating. So take it from us and use the tips and tricks listed above to prepare your AC system for summer vacation. Then, if you still need to schedule your seasonal maintenance check or have questions concerning your residential HVAC system, please call Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling at (937) 412-2911, or schedule an appointment online. Now by clicking here! We’d be honored to serve you, your home, and your family!