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What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

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Summer is a thrilling time of the year! It’s a superb time of the year that allows us to catch up on necessary rest, cross some things off our bucket lists, catch some sun rays and enjoy time with our loved ones. However, the season can pass by swiftly and chances are still likely for unexpected situations to arise. Naturally, during these times, we just roll with the punches. Your A/C suddenly malfunctioning out of nowhere can be attributed to various reasons. And if this happens, Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling would love for you to be aware of what troubleshooting steps are safe to practice if your A/C goes out this summer.  

What Are Some Troubleshooting Steps You Can Perform If Your A/C Goes Out?  

There are a few troubleshooting steps that are safe for homeowners to try if needed. As always, remember that these are just basic steps, and any major repairs and extensive troubleshooting should be left to an HVAC specialist.  

First off – as soon as you recognize there is something off with your A/C, you should check the thermostat to see if the batteries need to be changed. Keep in mind that while the display may be powered on with the temperature showing, it’s still possible that the batteries are low and need to be changed. However, if the batteries are fine, go ahead and try lowering the temperature to see if the air conditioning system responds by blowing cool air from the vents.  

Is the issue persisting still? If so, check the compressor located outside to confirm that it is running correctly. The compressor should be running, as usual, making its familiar whirring noise. If it is making an off-putting sound, we highly suggest calling an HVAC professional. Lastly, if you haven’t already, go ahead and check your circuit breaker. The answer to your HVAC woes may simply lie within flipping the switch back to “on.” It’s possible the switch got flipped to “off” mode without you noticing. 

What Are Some Things You Should NOT Do If Your A/C Goes Out? 

Just like there are a few things you can do if your A/C were to go out, there are also a few things we don’t recommend you do. You may be frustrated and flustered at this point. That’s understandable and while desperate times often call for desperate measures, this isn’t one of those scenarios. If you consider yourself handy, it may in fact be tempting to attempt a DIY repair yourself. However, we highly recommend you stay away from this path. Major repairs and extensive troubleshooting should be left to a licensed HVAC professional. Multiple things can happen with a DIY repair and other undesirable issues may create a snowball effect. Frankly, it’s in your best interest safety-wise to let a professional do the diagnosing and repairs. It’s also important not to leave your windows open. In addition, constantly closing and opening your external doors is something you should deviate from. 

What Are Some Things You Can Try To Gain Relief In the Meantime?  

Electric or ceiling fans are great items to utilize in the meantime to provide relief. Another great option is a portable air conditioner. In addition, a great tip is to reduce your light usage as well as stay away from using heat-inducing components like your stove. These can enable the temperature in your home to rise much faster.  

It’s always a good thing to be prepared and have a backup plan in case anything unfortunate happens. Life can throw surprises our way no matter how much we try to stay ahead of the game. So, staying ready is essential! The great news is that we are open 24/7, 365 days a year. This means we offer emergency services all year round. So, if anything happens, you can be sure Clayton-Englewood Heating & Cooling will come to your aid as soon as possible! You can call us at (937) 412-2911, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here

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